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Marketing tricks for small business

Determine your brand’s identity

Having a consistent brand identity to promote your business will make you look professional and help you attract customers. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has described a company’s branding as “ what other people say about you when you are not in the room. “ In other words your company brand is the feelings and emotions people have about your company’s name. It is a combination of your brand name, logo, aesthetic and the design of all your assets.

Build out you social media strategy

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter will offer your small business an opportunity to share your posts, promotions and content. Most of these platforms offer affordable advertising options that will help you target your posts to the audience you want.

Understand the power of existing customers

Your existing customers have already made a purchase, they already know your business and trust you. If you have provided a good experience you have given them a reason to do business with you again should the need ever arise.

Have an outstanding value proposition

Your value proposition is what will differentiate you from other businesses and companies which will make customers sure that you are the provider to go with. If there is no difference between you and your competition, there is no reason why a buyer will be compelled to work with your company.

Know your audience

A key mistake is thinking that anyone is your buyer. Knowing what pushes your customers to make a purchasing decision, the triggering events, their problems and priorities will help you create the right buyer persona for your small business.

Consult agencies or freelancers for web design help

If you are not on the technical side and you want a website built for your small business you can use a freelancer or a marketing agency that specializes in web design. This is a great option for a business that already has a website but needs it to  be updated for SEO ( search engine optimization) to help you improve your google ranking.

Experiment with photo and video content

According to HubSpot research, more than 50% of consumers want to see photo and video content from brands. Additionally most social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are embracing more visual layouts. In order to keep up with these trends it is a good idea to make a few marketing photos and videos.

Try out marketing experiences

If there is a new social platform that you are interested in or a new marketing trend, don’t be afraid to experiment. Be sure to have a solid hypothesis or question in mind as this will keep you focused on the end goal. Also prepare for what your next steps will be if you get good or bad results. If the experiment goes well you could be ahead of the game.

Double-down on what already works

Once you have your initiatives running and experiment with a few things, pay attention to the data. This will inform you of what is working, it is a good idea for a small business to double-down proven methods generating revenue.

Use word of mouth method

Word of mouth is a powerful and free promotional tool. Delighted customers can have a big impact on your business primarily in repeat purchases. If you provide great experience your customers will be more inclined to leave good reviews. That is why it is important to measure customer satisfaction and encourage them to spread the word to their relatives and friends.

Try co-marketing

If there is a local business in your area that is not a direct competitor but offers a product or service to a similar target audience, consider working with them in a co-branded campaign. Promote each other on social media via blogs and emails. While you will give your partnering business added promotion it will also allow their fanbase to know about you.Giving your more exposure and popularity.

Experiment with influencer marketing

Someone with a high social media following, who is considered an expert in a field your business exists in reach out to them. See if they are willing to share an experience they had with your product or service on their social media to alert their fanbase of your product. These followers may trust your product more because an expert is endorsing it.

Offer discounts and coupons

Placing discounts and coupons as a marketing strategy can engage and delight your audience. If you have a subscription service it can be helpful to offer prospects as a code for free trials so that they can try it out. After buying a product or service at a discounted rate, they might be more willing to pay for it in full prices.

Write optimised blogs

Blogging is extremely important when it comes to your search engine ranking. Your desired keywords must appear in high quality and helpful content, the most likely you are to appear in search results is a great way to become an authority on your product or service.